Book Josh Wilson to Speak

Cocaine Addict Turned Successful Entrepreneur & Author

Josh Wilson is passionate about speaking to and mentoring anyone that wants to listen. Going from snorting cocaine and drinking until he passed out, to starting and running several multi-million dollar businesses, he understands that it is NEVER TOO LATE. It’s never too late to start. To change. Business struggling? Marriage on the rocks? You hate the person you see in the mirror? It’s never too late. 

Josh’s speaking style has been described before as a “cleaner version of Gary Vaynerchuk”. His energy is contagious and be brings a truly unique experience combined with years of business knowledge. No matter the size of your audience or speaking event, Josh wants to be a part of it.


Popular Speaking Topics Josh Can Cover:

  • From Cocaine to Success – It’s NEVER too Late
  • Increase Your Profits by 34% in 27 Days
  • Finding Your TRUE Purpose in Life

Book Charles Ford to Speak

From the Streets of Kansas to Real Estate Investor

He began his entrepreneurial journey in the music industry where he released over 300 songs, shared a stage with T-Pain, & toured over 100 cities to make a name for himself in the music industry. Collectively he has over 600,000 views on YouTube from his time of releasing music in his career.

In 2021 Nishatti decided to pivot and try his entrepreneurial hand in real estate.
His first move was to get his real estate licence but months later he decided that it wasn’t enough just to sell homes, he also wanted to buy homes to create generational wealth.
After expanding his knowledge about the real estate industry, he quickly bought 3 homes in a time span of 6 months and has set his goal to accumulate 100,000 doors.
Success is less about what you already know and more about what you are exposed to & it is now Nishatti’s mission to expose everyone he knows to a mindset of ownership & real estate investing. He believes it can save his people & a whole generation from a life of poverty, struggle, & most importantly prison!

Popular Speaking Topics Charles Can Cover:

  • How to EFFECTIVELY Communicate
  • How to Cast The Vision for a Team
  • The MINDSET needed to Truly Be Successful

Book Luke Erickson to Speak

Former Life Church Campus Pastor Turned Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Erickson has been married to his wife Mandi for over a decade. They have three wonderful children and work diligently every day to raise them well and teach them the value of hard work. Luke loves to play music and spend time with his family.

Luke came from being a Campus Pastor at Life Church into starting and growing several businesses and managing people throughout the midwest.

He loves the challenge of building a thriving business and giving back to the community. Luke truly believes in building  relationships with people is the key to happiness.


Popular Speaking Topics Luke Can Cover:

  • How to Manage People (That You Can’t Fire!)
  • Building a Culture that Sticks
  • Living YOUR Dream, Not Someone Else’s