About Us

We started Transformed Consulting for one reason, and one reason only. To be able to provide a coaching and consulting platform that focuses on the ENTIRE person.

So many other coaching platforms will only focus on one area of your life. If you go to a life coach, often times you are focused on mindset. If you go to a business coach, often times you are focused on top-line revenue, profits, cutting expenses…you know…business things.

These things are great things to focus on…but why couldn’t you focus on being a better person in ALL aspects of your life. Better in business, better in mindset, better in your walk with your faith, better in relationships? Why isn’t coaching the WHOLE PERSON a program that is offered? Now it is.

At Transformed Consulting, we focus on finding out what your real goals are. Not just monetary ones (while those are great!) but also what type of husband, wife, friend, person you want to be. Best of all…we provide all the deliverables needed to accomplish these goals.

We have an entire team of professionals to help you with each and every step in your journey. We have time management professionals, graphic designers, web-developers, sales coaching, advertising geniuses, search engine optimization gurus, mindset coaches, and more.

Whatever your actual goal is…we help you work daily towards achieving it and make sure you don’t loose sight of it.

Your goal is our goal. And we are pretty darn good at achieving goals.

Check out just some the services below that we offer EVERY one of our clients

Lead Generation

Never have an issue with getting leads ever again. Keep your team busy all year long.


Learn how to become a leader and a visionary worth following.

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue, grow your profits, and cut your expenses.


Any marketing print pieces or ad management you need…handled.

Processes & Systems

Get all the systems and processes needed to grow your business in a scaleable way.

Goal Achievement

Set goals for every area in your life and watch us help you achieve them together.

Search Engine Optimization

Can people actually find you when searching for your product or service? Let’s get you to the top of Google.

Business Growth

Grow your business to the next level so then you can actually achieve your goals.

Who Are These Guys?

Okay, okay. You’ve read the homepage. You’ve read the intro “about us” text. It seems good…but who exactly are you learning from? Who is “Transformed Consulting”?.

When you are searching for a coaching platform or a consultant to help guide you through your journey…make sure that they have been through it before. Make sure that they have achieved success in the area that you are wanting to achieve success in. So…let’s talk about Transformed Consulting.

Josh Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Transformed Consulting. Josh went from his dad abandoning him, drinking all the time, doing cocaine, and getting throwing in jail (often) to actually starting and growing a multi-million dollar business. Now, he is the owner of 4+ very successful businesses, has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, golfs almost daily and has written a book…all while being (happily!) married to his wife Amy.

Josh started Transformed Consulting for 2 reasons. The first…because he wants to help as many people as possible transform their lives like he was able to transform his with God’s grace. The second…is because he saw the need in the consulting world for a program that helped business owners focus on growth in ALL areas of their lives…not just a singular focus. If you are successful in one area of life but the others are in shambles..are you truly happy?

Are you truly successful?

That’s why Josh set out and gathered the greatest team of entrepreneurs, graphic designers, web developers, time management pros, SEO gurus, and more that all have a true heart and desire to help people. That is how Transformed Consulting came about.



What's Included?

Simply put? Everything and anything you need to grow your business and grow as a person. We have a team of creatives, sales pros, management experts, and everything in-between to help you. 


Long-Term Contracts?

Nope. Everything is month-to-month. We want you to be able to fire us if you do not think we are providing you value. 


What is the Pricing?

Everything you have read…all of our services are included. We do it all for one low monthly price.

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